Friday, August 01, 2008

the BE Primer...

After this post, I will present to you the Birthday Essay and the three wishes for the year 2008. Perhaps, you might be asking, where did the stupid idea came from, and from what corner of my mind did the wishes appeared. With that light, I will present to you a very brief primer before the presentation of my "post of the year". Here it goes...


It was like a thunder that struck my little mind when I was in fouth year in High School. It was a very nice day of July 29, 2005, and the classroom's atmosphere was very cold, thanks to the air conditioner. I had a vary large notebook in my armchair. The teacher was discussing something. I had something in mind. My 15th birthday is weeks to go, why shouldn't I do something to summarize what my year had been for me... and so, the Birthday Essay was born. I wrote in in a large notebook, entitled "Birthday Essay..." In it, the reader can see my achievements and failures, my joys and sorrows. One can also see in it how the personalities around me helped me to be me during the past year. Unfortunately, the notebook was lost, and with it, the first B.E.
With the birth of the first striker's site in Xanga, I had the idea of writing another B.E. for my 16th birthday, entitled "the 31st of July." It has a new feature: of connecting my life to something so related to closing ang opening. That year, I connected my life to the sunrise/sunset. Last year, it was patterned after a book.
Everytime I write a B.E., I realize how God worked wonders to me after the past year. It gives me new strength and vigor to continue my life, and to continue witnessing How God helps somebody depsite his failures and lapses; and with that, it gives me the inspiration and excitement to write a new essay for the following year. It simply goes like that.


As the Birthday Essay started in paper, the Three Wishes started in Friendster.
It started as a bulletin post in Friendster (Aug. 15, 2005... I am good in dates!), with the intention of showing the world how I wanted to be in the coming year after A19. It is patterned after Aladdin who wished three times to a Genie in a magic lamp. Well, it's like a mortal sin looking at myself like Aladdin, but it's not after him, it's after the wishes.
You know what, guys? I simply realize that these wishes are being granted in the course of the year. It's like "wishes do come true."
The third wish, as a tradition ek-ek, was kept a secret. It's not because there was no wish at all, but because I wanted it to be between myself and God. It was broken last year, when I presented a third wish; but having a fourth wish as a secret, the chain was still considered now broken.


When I put it in a summary, these two posts make up my birthday traditions. It is simply a mirror, of how God does wonders to everybody, and how a mortal lives with needs and wishes in hand. it's like a failure now if I do not create a Birthday Essay and its Three Wishes. It simple goes like that.

With that, I present to you...

THE TRANQUIL FLOW OF LIFE (the Birthday Essay 2008)

It's coming na... watch out for it!!!


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