Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PASKO NA NAMAN!!!!! (Christmas Essay-part 1)


And when you feel the cold breeze rushing through your room, when you hear the bells ring as early as 3 AM, when you hear voices accompanied by the guitar and tambourine in front of your house, when you smell the delectable Puto Bumbong and Bibingka, with the Hamon and Quezo on the side, when you sip the awakening tea, when you are blinded by the blinking lights, and most especially, when you realize that you don't have enough money to give to your godchildren, then you are feeling already the spirit of the Yuletide Season!

In reality, there's no room for sadness for this time of joy, rejoicing and felicitations! when you feel blue on Christmas day, it's like you're on Good Friday. Parang anhirap tanggapin!

But what really is behind the season that made it special?

In deeper realization, we see that it was God's Divine will for us to celebrate this season. Look! If Christ was not born, December 25 will be a day that will pass by without the thought. Parang... wala lang! Everything will never be realized, and Christmas will bever be experienced by each and everyone of us.

Let us remember guys... CHRIST IS THE CENTER OF CHRISTMAS. Everything will be a vain train if Christ never dwelt among us.

I remember what Father Junjun said in today's Misa de Gallo...


Yes. When we do our Christmas traditions, there is somewhat a commitment in everything we do. We try to do our promises and duties, and to do it to the best extent possible. There's nothing bad in every tradition, but with it is our commitment to God and to our neighbor.


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