Thursday, February 26, 2009


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sino ba'ng makakapag-isip na mahirap palang masalang sa isang bagay na inisip mong madali, yun pala eh pagkahirap-hirap nang bonggang-bongga?

these were my thoughts weeks after being inducted as a member of the Worship Ministry. to be fair and honest with you guys, the ministry I'm in is undergoing a tough situation. I's not a blaming game, but it's more of us doing the first steps rather than continuing what was started. For Ate Uloy and me, it's super hirap, kasi what Ate Uloy thought as a simple "dasal-dasal" turned out to be a job so heavy, we thought na hindi namin kakayanin.

Let's take for instance, the Holy Week celebration in the parish. As Fr. Junjun said, "maraming mali na dapat nang itama." With that instance, we are facing a very tough situation... putting things to where it must be, changing the manner and putting it into the right sequence, discarding others, and facing the confused mob. we are fixing the schedule, and it seemed that there are things na hindi pa yata maaayos this year... especially the yearly, week-long pabasa. WAHAW!!! tagaktak na ang mga dugo't pawis namin!!! haha!!!

it's really a tough job... pero as I had heard of it, a good liturgy is not that one which is found in a missalette. With that in mind, we still go on. We pray that the schedule we prepared would be given a great approval from the PPC, and be implemented as needed. Well, anyway, we still have many things to do. Mahirap, yes; if you think of it as really mahirap, it really is. but we just think of it as a service to the Church, to the Parish, to God, and the mahirap thing changes into a fulfilling experience.

Well, anyway, we still have next year to show-off our colors. God guide us all!!!


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