Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very different Christmas for this year,....... how different?

Christmas for this year is very far different from the other Christmases I have encountered in the past. in one way or another, I can really say that this Christmas is way too tiring, yet exciting.


This was the first in Nine years that I completed the coveted tradition of Misa de Gallo. sacrificing some three or four hours just to stay awake to hear Mass, it was really a challenge for me. it really took the sleep off of me but still, it's worth it! To add to that was the Mass of the Bishop on the 22nd of December, just a day away from his Sacerdotal Anniversary (which I came to know only two days after the said Mass.), and 8 months away from his Silver Jubilee as Bishop (on August next year.)


Another was the Misa de Aguinaldo last Thursday, when I received one of Fr. Junjun's gifts to the people when he asked some trivia questions during the Homily. Tagged as the only one in the mob who knows the answer, I had the chance of having a Rosary blessed by our Local Ordinary. The question is When does Christmas Season end? Some people answer January 6, some Three Kings, others January 7 or another date. I was the only one (with the courage I've got from the Priest Concelebrant, Fr. Tony Ranada, SVD) who answered rightly: The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.


Christmas with Diosdado was a adventurous one. "Father-Son Bonding", kung baga. With the exception of some incidents when I was forced to be with other servers - or worse, alone - , I was joined with JR on most of my endeavors these past days. He's abusive, yes, hingi nang hingi, parang magnanakaw, lagi akong kinukuhanan, still, his company is the best. Yung mamasko kahit sa hindi namin ninong at ninang, parang madaling nakahugot ng lakas dahil may kasama akong bata. hehehe.... Kidding aside, this shows me the reality that I'm no longer 9 years old, that I cannot already do the things I've been doing when I was younger, so much younger than today.


Wherever I go, there are still skeptics and critics,trying to pull me down and tear me to pieces. Whatever I do to please the community, di pa rin sila nawawala. It hurts so much to see people trying to crush my weak self. I have nothing to say to them but... Pare-pareho tayong pagod, nahirapan at nakulangan. PLEASE LANG! Let's make the New Year right. Let's stop all the fuzz.
And to all asking pamasko from me, Ubos na ang laman ng bulsa ko. Next year na lang!!!!!! hehehehe.... :p


As I end this post, I can say that Christmas was really different for me, a mix of everything.
What made me happy this year?

Not the How, but the Why.

A Blessed Christmas everyone!

Another post coming up, sometime this week... For the New Year blues.

JoEzeMa,ccs :)

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