Monday, July 19, 2010

ZEKE XX: 19 is equal to...

my 19th year was the most colorful of all my teenage years, and it is by far my year of lessons and blessings.
For one, it is just a year of my many pitfalls, but for me, it is a year of many firsts. So many, I cannot count them all. If I can, I may forget the date or something.
However, I would let you take a glimpse of all these firsts as I give you my very first blogpost for ZEKE XX.

...Nineteen is equal to...

the first time I was treated to a foodielicious feast before, during, and after my BDay. (Aug. 18-20, 2009)
...the first time I had a bicycle of my own. Its name is red. (September 2009)
...the first time I took a month leave from parish work, out of my own decision. (September-October, 2009)
...the first time I slept in my Director's quarters in KNL. Worth! (February 2010)
...the first time I received a gift in Christmas Eve, during the Mass, from a priest. (Dec. 24, 2009)
...the first time we ate fish for Media Noche. I just ate the salad, hindi kasi ako sanay. (Jan. 01, 2010)
...the first Living Rosary held in our Parish with me as member of the Team heading it. (October 2009)
...the first time I had a MP4 after years. Included with it is the first time I ever had a get-up: a big headset worn around my head, like a DJ! ROCK ON!!! (Summer 2010)
...the first time we ever held a Caracol in the Parish in celebration of the Fiesta. Isa rin ako sa mga nanguna rito. (May 08, 2010)
...the first time I ever held a Linux. We changed to Vista because of its being complicated. (March-May, 2010)
...the first time I ever received my best summer gift: 6 failing marks! Bummer of all bummers! (March, 2010)
...the moment I came back to the Neo Catechumenal Way, the First after two years, and just in time for the Shema. (May, 2010)
...the first Time I served as MC of the Parish. A Fulfilling moment in my life as a server. (Holy Week 2010)
...the first time I wholeheartedly took charge of the store, amidst all the intrigues. (May-June, 2010)
...the first time I answered a question in (April, 2010) first year in Facebook! (June, 2010)
...the first time I resigned in the PPC to make way to my studies. First, because hindi naman ako used sa mga bagay na ito. (May, 2010) first time to handle a class. Ang saya ng Field Study, and I miss my students at MNHS-Longos! (January-February, 2010)
...the first time to drink HOT SAUCE and CHILI SAUCE bottoms-up, to win in a challenge! (July, 2010) first time to drink liquor because of tight problems. (May, 2010) first time to flirt good. I used the term wisely. Flirt means socialize ha! (Summer, 2010) first time to judge a dance contest. Well, kamusta naman ang overnight? (May 05, 2010) first time to meet a great composer, Mr. Vehnee Saturno. (May 11, 2010) first time to have a singing icon as my sister. Keep it up, dete! (May 06, 2010) first time to see Noynoy Aquino personally after Tita Cory's demise. This time, he's running for the Presidency. (Feb. 25, 2010)
...the first time I had a good fight with my son, Diosdado. We split up. (May 2010)
...the first resolution I made for the brothers at CCS-CaMaNaVa. (July 18, 2010)
...the first time I made a day-out because of house problems. (July 01, 2010)
...the first liturgical book I personally typed for the parish. My "Legacy..." (March 2010) first encounter with Asian Youth. YASIA FIESTA!!! (November, 2009) first time to host the birthday program for a parish priest. (November 08, 2009)
Most of all, first time to experience desertment. a complete desertment. (Summer 2010)
...and my recovery afterwards. Thanks God for getting me up from the dirt! (May-June, 2010)

These, among others, are the things I experienced first-hand through my nineteenth year of life. I would never turn out to be who I am right now, if not because of the experiences I had.

Now, that I'm already on my last month as a 19-year-old-er, there would be pahabols. We'll post it later.

This is just the FIRST post. More will follow throughout the course of 31 days. Be with me, guys!


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