Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WedPost: When I Fall in Luv...


That would be my first lines for this WedPost after I rested for a week. Ah yah, the composition of words might tell it all.

It may not be so common for my case, yet the fact of that irony is this: that when you fall in love, you tend to break any barrier that you have between you and somebody you love. Never mind what would the people tend to say, what's important for you is your emotions for somebody that is the apple of your eye.

This may make some think of me as a frantic though, but what the heck? After all, it's still in its blooming stage, nothing more deeper. Kaso nga lang, you'd still can't help it but... know what I mean.

Well, if she can read this post (though alam kong wala namang nagbabasa ng mga blogpost ko...), I just want to tell you that though you were hurt and broken from your past relationship, I would just be here for you. You may consider me or not, but always remember, andito lang ako para sa iyo. Huwag mong iisipin kung ano ang sasabihin ng iba. Manhid na tayo dyan.

Basta, kung gusto mong maging masaya, wag kang titingin lang sa malapit.
Look way beyond. The sea is very vast! Marami kang makikita...

...tulad ko.


........MOOOOOOOOOVING ONNNN!!!!!!!........


Kudos, CCS @ 7!

The Confraternity of Catholic Saints will be celebrating its 7th Anniversary on Friday, Oct. 01. Well, after those years of hard work in silence, what did we gained?

We gained a lot! Lots of blessings from the Lord Jesus, the Eternal High Priest, and from Mary, Queen and Mother of All Saints. Never to forget St. Therese of Lisieux and all our Patrons, and al the White-robed Army of the Saints that guided us on the way to holiness.

Eversince we declared 2010 as the Year of Holiness, blessing after blessing came to the CCS Family. Some most notable are:

~the Fraters were given a deep definition. As of now, the CCS Fraters are (unofficially) called Brothers of Jesus, the Eternal High Priest. Deeply rooted to our ministry and love for the liturgy, we wish to offer our lives and everything we do to Jesus, as the Eternal High Priest who offers sacrifice every moment through the Eucharist.
~Now, Bahay ni Juan is a reality. The House is situated in Marikina City. The House is now considered as the Office of the Vice-postulation of Bl. Ivan Merz, and the formation house of the Confraternity. Though it is now far from the real center of the CCS (the Diocese of Cubao), we are still under the pastoral care and guidance of the Diocese and of its Ordinary.
~Finally, the fact that we are already seven years old. Something that must be given thanks to God for.

With this, I would like to greet all the members of the Confraternity of Catholic Saints: the Brothers, the Cooperators and the Scholars. Most especially, greetings to the Pioneer Fraters who welcomed the Holy Spirit into their life, and opened the way for the CCS to prosper and proceed in its way.

At the end, we continue to work and pray AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM!!!


........MOOOOOOOOOVING ONNNN!!!!!!!........


~ Happy Sacerdotal Anniversary today (Sept. 29) to Rev. Fr. Jun Erlano.
~ Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Adonis Saclolo on his Ordination last Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010. Tomorrow will be his Thanksgiving Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Quezon City.
~ Hello to all my BSE-4B classmates! Special greetings go to my Ghoy Ghang friends!!!

KuyaZeke,ccs 092910 :)

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