Thursday, March 17, 2011

INSIDE 4244....
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I was greeted a very good morning this vid in Youtube, showing the views of some Americans on Pro-choice. I thought this is just a simple video on Abortion (which would not surprise me already since I'd been watching it from Fourth Year High School), but the content is far beyond what is expected.

This is the view of people who chose to oppose life. 

They say that the Church has nothing to do with their options  whether to chose or to stop life. According to them, they have the first-hand choice and nobody, even their own parents, can stop them if they want to commit casual sex, to use contraceptives, or to continue the babe in their womb.

They also have their own definition of a baby. for them, a baby is a fetus that has been born. An unborn baby is an obstruction to their jobs, and they want it aborted there and then before the case becomes 'worse.'

Abortion must be funded. This is their demand for the government who helps them do their 'rightful' deeds. They must give proper monetary support to planned parenthood, and to its underlying lies.

These, among many others, had been the demands of the many 'liberal' Americans who think that they are the master of their own lives, and that they can choose whether the life in their womb is to be continued or shunned. And nothing - absolutely NOTHING - can stop them from choosing what is 'the best' for them.

This is the American's point of view regarding Pro-choice. They are trying to take it to Philippine soil through House Bill 4244, known as the Reproductive Health Bill (modernly coined as Responsible Parenthood Bill). Its proponents and supporters view this as the answer to the 'overpopulated' problem that the islands is facing, and the main way towards progress in our society.

Supporters of the bill go from the different walks of life, majority from the lower stratum of society. Accordingly, they do not want to be poor anymore, and they are lot happier when they have their own control of the number of children in the society.

So, what's inside the RH Bill? And one more thing, have you ever visited this site?

I will continue talking about the reality behind Pro-choice and RH Bill in the coming weeks. Also, starting today, I put a stand on this site. THIS SITE IS AGAINST THE RH BILL; THIS SITE IS IN THE SUPPORT AND DEFENSE OF LIFE.

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