Monday, June 06, 2011

LIMA: And it all started here...

In all my blogposts, I talked about almost everything under the sun. So many, that I cannot count them all. I've written about my experiences, my whereabouts, my sentiments, my bad humor, my good side of life, almost everything! This had also given way to the discernment of ministry, of how to serve the people of God while doing the thing which I love, writing (It is Ur Sunday Dose; presently

But wherever the blog-road would take me, I would always look back on that first day when I began writing on my very first blogsite. Way back then, I have no idea what to expect by writing while the world is reading. Akala ko, iilan lang ang makakabasa nito, o lalangawin ang blogsite ko.

Then God's providence came in, and I have proven myself wrong. I mean, look at the Feedjit app below, and see who views the posts. Hindi lang iilan yan. Hindi biro yan. At lalong hindi kalokohan.

Eh teka. Saan nga ba nagsimula ang lahat?

I came to know of blogging through my Physics teacher at ICPS who is maintaining a blogsite (or a weblog) at (I may talk about him later). I was in fourth year then, and I considered my love for writing short essays, poems and stories (FYI, the Birthday Essay began when I was in Fourth Year). When I came to know of his blog, I realized that blogging is one good avenue to show-off my writing skills, and to express my ideas with the whole world.

My blogging career is as old as our store beside the house. We were constructing this store while everyone was just sitting there, looking at what I and my mom were doing. The store began operating after a few days of editing this part of the house wall which served as the store window.

As I was taking my rest from the construction work, I decided to go to a nearby computer shop (Win XP na rin noon, eh.) to access my FS account. I passed by, registered for an account, and that was the beginning of the journey. 

The weblog? http://litranista001.xanga.comThe date? June 06, 2006. (Ahmm... I'm a Catholic,I believe in God, and the date brought wonders for me. Satanists, shut up.)

In the very first blogpost, the welcoming one, I wrote, after the many, many years of thinking what will be my next sort of "Milestone" in the net... here it is. I considered it a milestone. Milestones are considered as a reference point towards a certain destination. And indeed, Xanga became a milestone towards my founding of a new home in the web. That is, yet, another story.

Two days later, I wrote my very first ideal blogpost. And what would possibly be the topic? Nothing else, but the store-in-progress. (I will repost it on Wednesday.) It simply consisted of four paragraphs. the last line goes like this: Mahirap, pero masaya! 

That line would also stand as my emo mode after all these years of serving the blogosphere. It's really hard facing the public and presenting to them my ideals which are really not welcomed by everybody. Like, I also received hate comments and bad sentiments on some of my posts through the years. But the fact that I am still here, serving the netizens everywhere, and giving the best that I can in delivering the sentiments in the way acceptable by many, this proves that I'm still happy as ever at where I am right now.

It's still early to give my thanks. Wala pa muna akong pasasalamatan sa ngayon, we'll reserve that for SirBitz@Blogger's fifth Anniversary post. What's important for me, and for us, right now is to celebrate and enjoy this gift from God which is my fifth year as a Blogger.


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