Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(SirBitz@Blogger's ANNIVERSARY POST!)

Five years ago, somebody from Navotas began dwelling in the internet world through his blog. Eight days after writing his first blogpost, he decided to stay in a permanent home in the web.

Then, he had no personal computer. He usually rented in a nearby computer shop. He spent just one hour every now and then to update his blog, and post ideas there. 

Then, he had no idea of developing his blogsite; he was just contented on its form: one sidebar, a simple header, and posts with the font style being Trebuchet MS. 

Then, pictures were a hard deal for him. He finds it difficult then to search for relevant pictures and post it in his blogpost, since he didn't have any camera then and digicams were still a thing of virtuality.

Then, he had a little difficulty on how to convey ideas, what language or which style to use so that he could please the people and inform them at the same time.

Then, he had much ideas in his grey brain that executing them is too hard for him to do. 

Well, that was then. 

Now, his sister had already acquired a personal computer, which he uses every time he wanted to post something. 

Now, after years of experimenting on which would be the better look n' feel of the blogsite, he continually developed the site until today when it has features which present sophistication, personality, and spiritual inclination. Well, it is shown in its two sidebars. Don't ask the font style though; it still is Trebuchet MS.

Now, pictures were a of little ease for him, since he can already use pictures from his sister's digicam, or from other sources. What's important is that most of his posts nowadays have pictures, an addition of color to the texts.

Now, with greater strides, he has the capability to express his sentiments through his blogposts. A play of letters, mostly of religious tone, and with a personal style which even he doesn't know where he got it. What's important is that he can express ideas and perspectives in a way interesting and creative. 

Now, the bulk of ideas would still haunt him every time. And when it comes, he is there to devise something out of these. The result: this blogsite.

The blogsite which became his home, his world in the web, his way of being ONE WITH YOU throughout the past five years.

Five years of gratitude for all the experiences that he shared and made open to the whole world. A half-decade of adventures which were worth reminiscing and enjoying. Within five years, he made a little name in the blogosphere, and this name had much behind it. He may still be young in age and experiences, but through his blogsite, he may say, Hey pipz! May narating na rin ako! Malayo na ang naabot ng blogsite natin!

Gratitude! Kudos! Axios!

To every inspiration which passed by my way through the past five years: my family, friends, colleagues, teachers and students, co-fraters, Madlang Faithful, and never to forget the physics teacher which sparked the flame in me to start all these.

To every individual who passed by the site to read the posts and ideas. At first, I thought that they were only Pinoys, but thanks to the Feedjit app, I realized that the site had also gone international, with readers from other countries. That's enough reason to tell that the site is also a witness to the recent events in the Philippines. That's also a reason for me to write the majority of the posts in English.

To all who left an imprint in this site, and left a comment or a note of gratitude. Positive or negative; some were known, others came by the name 'anonymous.' To the sixteen followers of the site, though I hope that the number might increase as time passes by. Also, to all pipz who cited my site in their own blogsites as reference for something, which is a great honor for me. This also goes to the people who passed by and greeted me on the occasion of the Site's anniversary, be it here or in their own blogsites.

But most to all, KUDOS TO THE GREAT ONE WHO ENDOWED ME WITH THE GIFT OF WRITING. Thank you, God for being the great motivation behind my every post, behind my every innovation, simply behind this blogsite. At the end of the day, I would admit that I could never have a blogsite - and never would I think of having one - without your providential guidance and enlightening support.

Five years. Young and yet experienced. Five years for me is already enough to continue moving and writing. This may seem prideful of me, but at the end of the day, I am just but the Lord's writing Machine. Everything that I write is a reflection of the Lord's grace upon me and upon us. I don't boast every good acclaim, for I know that all these happens as God wills.

And this site would always be ready to move on, and continue accepting the challenge of writing and reflecting for everyone's information and for God's greater glory.

One final note.

At his first thoughts, this is something that I would never again experience. That was then. 

Now. This is something which I would love to experience and relish.

yun lang naman.

This is SirBitz@Blogger. 


  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    happy anniv! :D god bless! ;))