Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SirBitz Speaks:Gay Weddings? What?

I now pronounce you, LIFE PARTNERS

... What?

This is a point of realization while I was watching the documentary in Brigada about a same-sex wedding somewhere in Baguio City last June 25, 2011.

This was officiated by the Metropolitan Community Church, an alternative Church for the LGBT Community. It is regarded as a first of its kind in the Philippines. It includes several lesbian and gay couples, who were really proud in this ‘greatest event’ in their lives. According to the story of its participants, they have no regrets in having a relationship with their partner which is also of their own sex. This is their own definition of love: it knows no boundaries, whether age or sexual preference.

Though it is considered legal in some countries in Europe and, recently, in the United States, it is still socially regarded as a taboo here in our country, which still has a conservative tune in its culture.

However, for the MCC, there are no boundaries in loving another girl or another boy. What’s important, for them, is the unconditional love that a gay or a lesbian may have for his couple. And this time, according to the Metropolitan Church, is the right time to open the society’s eyes regarding same-sex relationships. Now, there must be a move to officially and legally recognize marriages of the members of the LGBT Community.

As for the Catholic Church, it is not angry with the LGBT community; it opens its doors for the homosexual’s spiritual formation. But it is after the sinful relationship of homosexuals, including sexual intercourses and marriages of the same sex group. It is always sinful and immoral against the Fundamental law of God.

This issue comes in these days when we are fighting against legal measures which attack the family and marriage. We are continuously alarmed by these issues that continue to strike a poisonous arrow against faith and morals, especially against the family. These are issues which would always have a negative response from the Church which continuously promotes the right values, the right views and a holy life; things which the modern society can never teach us.

And so, what’s my point?

Indeed, being a member of the LGBT community would bring an individual to adventures that he/she did not think he would experience. This includes the m2m sex, finger sex, and secret relationships that would eventually lead to same-sex marriages. 

I believe that there is nothing wrong if ever the road leads you to becoming a homosexual (though some might tell that God did not create homosexuals which is also true) and guidance must be given to continuously lead these people to the right path, but there would always be something wrong in dwelling into sexual activities. This is against God’s law; this is against man’s procreative faculties. This is not Agape; this is certainly Eros!

As for me, yes, being a homosexual is a real struggle, but being a Christian, I know that this relationship has boundaries. Masarap ang Bawal, ika nga. What was wrong before would always be a wrong act. But we are always guided by the light of Christ in our path towards a righteous life. We are all called to respond to God’s voice whether we are straight or gay. If we know what’s right for our well-being, whatever our sexual preference may be, surely we can still live according to God’s will; we would still live as a rightful and respectful person in the society.

So, what can I say at the end of this?

To the advocates of same-sex relationships,  God created man and woman to fill the Earth and subdue it. To love means to give life and to give life means we must sacrifice everything we have in order to give way to a new life and provide for it. 

To those who still insist that same-sex marriages must be accepted in our society, go your own way please. Homosexuals are enough. But to make them marry and live on their own? That's another story. You try to tell us that we are already modernized, that we must go and accept your ideals? But not everything that SEXUAL REVOLUTION (yes, not modernization) brings is good and beneficial for all. Married life is tasked to bring forth children and rear them to one good life. If ever we accept your marriages, it means that we do not value the sacredness of marriage anymore!

And if you still insist, let me tell you this: Do not call yourselves Christians! You are Pagans! Homosexual relationship is a fruit of Pure Paganism, and not of Christian belief!

And to the society, I persuade you that instead of persecuting them, let us love and accept the LGBT Community as they are, but let us not accept things that are really against our culture, and that includes Same-Sex Marriages. Let us help in renewing their points of view, rather than supporting them in their wrong ideals.

To Lady Gaga, What can I say? I suppose she is a motivating factor for these wrong ideals.


The news people say that the legal approval of same-sex marriage in the Philippines would have a long way before it succeeds. But I say thus, if ever LGBT marriages are already accepted legally here, the Philippines may have been brainwashed already. 

I pray to the Lord that we may be guided on the right path. 

Let us not begin anything, It would lead us to nothing! 


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