Monday, July 18, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: ETO NA, READY NA!!!
(The Opening Post)

TOMORROW IS JULY 19! And with this, the yearly series of anticipation blogposts in preparation for my birthday is now prepared and ready for strike-off.

This year is significant because it marks my 21st year of life. After 20 years of trying times and joyful moments, ridiculous takes and crying scenes, I now stand up and make a debut, with a positive outlook that the coming year of my life would bring out DA BHEZT of everything in me. It's like saying... ETO NA, READY NA!!!

Now, I am excited and humble to share with you anything and everything which made my 20th year a celebration of LIFE and everything that comes with it! 31 days of posting my heart out and opening my soul once again to the world which once had welcomed me and have continuously made me a living and moving part of it.

With full gratitude to God and to everyone and everything which had been a part of my life, I officially begin the month-long series of blogposts as I move on my way to my 21st Birthday. Be with me as I browse through the past and celebrate with all thanksgiving. 

Why? Because...

A Celebration of LIFE 
and everything that comes with it!

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