Friday, November 16, 2012

Tiwala Lang... MAY AWA ANG VIRGEN!

Nuestra Señora de Soledad de Porta Vaga
Celestial Guardiana de la Provincia de Cavite y su Puerto, Luz de Filipinas
And yes, that was our battlecry when we visited Cavite City last November 11, 2012. We lacked finances (it was a miracle actually that we were able to make it to Cavite despite the super low budget), yet we still pushed through with our surprise plan, to visit for the first time this particular image of Our Lady which bears the title Nuestra Señora de la Soledad de Porta Vaga.

This image of the Holy Virgin is considered as the  Celestial Guardiana de la Provincia de Cavite y su Puerto. She is, actually, the patroness of the Province and City of Cavite, and the love that the Caviteños have for her is far beyond what I expected. In fact, visiting her Shrine in Cavite made us feel like we're at the Intramuros of the Spanish days.

According to legendary accounts, Our Lady once appeared to a Spanish sentinel on-guard at a certain garita at the end of the sentry point of the Isthmus of Rosario in Cavite. It was a dark, stormy night when all of a sudden, a dazzling light appeared on the sea. The sentinel, fearing that the pirates are coming called on the mysterious thing to stop. It did not follow and continued coming nearer. The following dialogue became the start of a burning devotion for the Mother of God at this side of Luzon...

"¿Quién vive?" (Sino iyan?)

"Soldadito, ¿por qué el alto me das en noche tan fría? Dame paso. ¿No conoces a Maria?" (Batang Sundalo, Bakit mo ako hinahamon sa gabing kay lamig? Paraanin mo ako. Hindi mo ba nakikilala si Maria?)

"Perdóname, Virgen Maria, Reina de mi devoción; pues solo soy un soldado que cumplo mi obligación!"
(Patawarin mo ako, oh aking Virgen, Reyna ng aking puso; ako lamang po ay isang sundalong tumatalima sa kanyang tungkulin.)

There were lots of accounts of miracles, graces and other good favors which came through this holy image of the Mother of God who was contemplating on the passion and death of her dear Son (represented by the crown of thorns and the nails). As she calls her children to reflect on the redemptive work of Jesus, she also intercedes for us in all our needs. This shows the reality that Mary prays to her Son for our petitions in life, and we ask her to do the same for us.

This is true for the Caviteños who were ever-faithful to their devotion to Mary. Their procession which we attended that evening is not actually a parade of glam and social uprising; rather it is their testimony of how great this dear Mother and Queen became true to her word of protecting the province of Cavite - and the Phillipines at large - and leading all Filipinos to her Son who suffered, died yet risen for all of us.

This proves that Mary is always there for us throughout the struggles of life. From La Naval to Porta Vaga, she always shows us her motherly care and protection. I would always say that through La Naval de Manila, Mary reminds us to call upon her and invoke her intercession through the Rosary. Now, through Soledad de Porta Vaga, she is calling us to join her sorrow in the silence of our hearts, as we draw closer to the glory of Christ's resurrection.

We are truly blessed to be called Pueblo Amante de Maria - Bayang Nagmamahal kay Maria. We are the epitome of a nation kissed by Mary's loving lips. She inspires us to be more like her, caring for one another and leading them towards God. Let us never fail our Mother; nor leave her alone.

Ang Original na Ymajen ng
Reina at Patrona ng Provincia at Ciudad ng Cavite
Luz ng Filipinas


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    isa po syang mapagkalingang Ina sa mga anak nyang isa ako sa mga anak nyang kinalinga at gumabay upang magtiwala muli sa simbahang katoliko...mahal naming INA...gagawin ko ang lahat na maiparating sa iba ang inyong pagmamahal at pagkalinga lalo na sa mga taong nawawalan ng pananampalataya sa ating Panginoong Hesus at sa Amang nasa langit..