Friday, September 12, 2014

SNATCHING... and what happened afterwards.
(Ave Maria! Online Community - Third Anniversary Message)

Sept. 12, 2014

It was September 12, 2011 (three years ago, technically), at exactly 9:00 PM, when Ave Maria! officially went online. Back then, I had no idea if this would click. Kumbaga nga, try-try lang ito. Pag umubra, salamat! Kung hindi, eh di salamat rin!

Who were we before? We were simply a group of people coming from different backgrounds and literally "snatched" for the purpose of starting this big idea of spreading Mary's love to all. Among us, there is a former admin from another fanpage (which I snatched), and an active FB trivia boy (which he snatched), there is a lady layout artist (which joined our snatching group because no one snatched her), and another boy who is young yet bold in sharing his views (we snatched him altogether.)

Oh yes. We are snatchers.

But while we started this game snatching ourselves, I look back on three years past and see that it is not OUR snatching game at all. In the first place, Our Lady snatched us from whoever we were before, and turned us into a team, a group, a community. And everyday, for the past three years, we snatched more than we could, by our quality posts and features, by our news and prayers. We are snatched from our former selves and brought to a living, celebrating and praying community where we draw ourselves closer to Jesus, through Mary.

Who are we now? Mico, the former admin from another fanpage is now a Freshman college student (He is now the Moderator). Joshua, the trivia boy became the overseer of all AM programs (He is now the Head Admin).Solejaena, the lady layout artist is now working for DOST (She still stays as our head Layout artist), and Ivan, the young boy yet bold in his views, was called by the Lord in 2012.

We will continue snatching netizens as long as Divine Will allows us, for we continue running this page, "not for the likes, but for the souls." We continually ask Our Lady, she who snatched us all from who we were - sinners - to always bring us closer to her Son, today and in the years to come.



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