Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LA NAVAL 2015: #SalamatPoNANAY!


I could still remember clearly that day: October 10, 2010. I was in a middle of a total chaos inside and out. I was struggling then to stand up after my many falls. At that moment I saw you in the high altar of Santo Domingo, I felt more than attraction. It was love at first sight. Since then, I made a promise to visit you, to get to know you more, to begin loving you.

From then on, I stood up and moved on with life. From my first passing grades, to our successful thesis defense and graduation from College, to my first job (well, all the jobs I had) and my passing the Licensure Exams. In response, I dedicated my life to your service, first as a Mukha Ader, IPLM giliw, and now, as a Lay Dominican.

You saw me stand up after my many falls in life. No, you did not just see me; you held me up. For the many months of serving you, you proved that there is more in you than just devotion. Loving you means taking a radical change in life, to work and act more than before. Loving you means more than prayers recited. Indeed, it is taking action and standing up for God and others. You made me realize these things, and along with your guidance, you strengthened my resolve to go and change my life.

For the many times I knelt before your throne, I did not see an image of yourself, or a mere representation. No, I saw you. I felt you. I am aware you were looking at me, In your gaze, you told me that you love me, or as it seemed. Every stage of my young life, I entrusted some of my greatest decisions to you. And as you undo the knots of my life, I see your hand reaching out for me to become the best in whatever I choose.

And so, allow me to thank you for all the things you had shown me, in your grace and love. Thank you for letting me see love in everything you provided me. Thank you for the grace of family, friends, and now, the Dominican Family where I belong. Thank you for showing me the real meaning of devotion, for letting my devotion turn into a love story, for being the one I love.

Salamat po, Nanay, sa lahat ng biyaya! Hindi po sasapat ang mga salita upang maihandog ang pasasalamat ko at ng aking pamilya. Ngayon, hayaan ninyong ihandog ko ang aking sarili sa iyo. Sa nakalipas na mga taon, hindi mo ako iniwanan. NANGANGAKO AKO, HINDI NA KITA IIWANAN.

Salamat po, Nanay!

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