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February 01, 2004. The Sunday that started it all. Five new members entered the Ministry of Altar Servers. Among them was a 13-year old high school student whose desire is to serve God through the said ministry. Later on, the other four disappeared and did not come back, and yet that high school student remained. Other servers came after him, others stayed, others left, but he was still there. He is now 18.

And that was just the beginning.

These were the thoughts running around my head as I ponder on the years that passed by as an Altar Server, and with it the memories that took part of the great me. Sometimes, it makes me think, paano ako nakaabot ng limang taon sa paglilingkod? And it is truly right! After two lay-offs, whistling change of Parish Priests, petty problems and huge controversies, Steps and Memberships, Offices from the Parish (As Beginners’ Representative, Secretary, and now, as Property Custodian) to the Vicariate level (As the present Secretary to the six parishes), and five years of tiring yet fulfilling work in the Lord’s Harvest as Lay, here I am standing tall and proclaiming, I AM HAPPY I AM CALLED TO SERVE!

GRABE! I never thought that I will go this far! Actually, I was sharing this with my present coordinator in MAS, and he said, “wag kang magmayabang!” That made me think… “anong masama?” and it is right. What’s bad with celebrating? It’s good if you celebrate for the right cause, rather than celebrating for the bad and harm of others. Well, whatever they say, I’m still celebrating for sure.

I reminisce the past five years. Yes, there were those great times that made me proud of myself and of the other servers that were with me. Imagine, I was never supposed to go this far, but here I am! God blessed the Parish with young servers ready to face the future. I’m proud and happy. Yes, those were the happy times, and yes, I admit, there were times that I was very, very slumpy when it comes to my serving. I felt I was just the star of my own show, that I was the SUPERSERVER! And so, to make the long story short, God slapped me on the face because of my behavior, and drooped me down the ground.

As my professor said, there will never be a happy smile in a picture, if you will not undergo the sad times of life. And yes. After those times I undergone with some of my fellow officers today, it seemed like everything was swept away, and I just said… ayoko na ng away. We’re just on the same and same ministry. I want to be an example to other servers, be they old-timer or newcomer. Well, I know that there are others who just wanting to enter the Ministry just because… for girls’ sake. To them all I say, bahala kayo sa buhay nyo, magpakasasa kayo! One thing’s for sure, if you need help, call us. Haha!

This year, as I turn 5, I am on the stage of DIVERSION. It’s now a double-job for me. The MAS and SMW now has its fusion through my membership with the Lectors last January, with the advice of Fr. Junjun. For me, at first, it was hard because I know I will have a lesser time with my old ministry as I divulge carefully on the new. But after 3 weeks, it seemed like, I am getting through with it. They are saying that there’s nothing bad, that I am on a higher rank as a Special minister of the Word. But as I ponder on it, I realize, wala pa rin namang pinagkaiba. Kung sa bagay, mas lalo pa nga yata akong yayabang kasi tumaas ng rank. I pray not.


As I celebrate my 5th year as Altar Server on the Sunday that started it all (Yes! Feb. 01 falls on a Sunday this year!!! SHOCKING!!!), I look back and thank the people behind my persona now. I thank also those who trusted me, and those who turned their backs on me. I will never be who I am without you all.

I especially turn to the server behind the server who I am. I failed you many times. You humiliated me, I humiliated you, and we humiliated each other. We had undergone a lot of experiences, which defined our bond as friends and brothers. It even turned up into you being in the hot seat with our other friends. And yet, one thing’s for sure. Hindi pa rin tayo nagkakalimutan.

To my fellow officers, especially to the present secretary, GOSH!!! The offices that you have right now is a challenge for each and every one of us, although I am not fully-supporting. Just go on! Walk with me! I will never go on without you. Let us continue to know and discover each other. In the end, tayu-tayo pa rin ang magkakaintindihan.

To Fr. Jun and Fr. Junjun. You trusted me more than ever. Thank you for the support. Without your blessings and guidance, the Weldann you see right now would not definitely be realized. Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamat po!

And Lastly to God, who served as my inspiration through all this time. I know, sometimes I served for my personal purposes. But still, you’d let me see the greatest wonder of your love: the Cleansing Waters, the Healing and Confirming Oils, and Grace of Repentance, and most of all, the Body and Blood of your Son. I will never be a Server, a frail, erring Server, without your guidance and support. Continue to guide me, wherever the road takes me. You are my shield in times of trouble, and from you came the wisdom I have regarding your Mysteries. I Praise you for all these, lord. Everything is Offered AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM!




With this, I end my post.


I forgot to tell you the reason why the title is “Gimme 5”.

It is simply this. After the great five years that was, I have nothing to do but to have a handclap (makipag-apiran) with the people behind my ministry right now, especially to God and to the Server behind the Server.

Siyempre, pati kayo!!!


JoEzeMa, ccs

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