Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CCS @ 6

In celebration of the 6th Anniversary of CCS tomorrow, I would like to extend my heartfelt greetings to all the Fraters, Scholars, Cooperators and friends.

The onslaught of Ondoy during the past weekend is truly a tragedy for each and everyone in the community. Everywhere we could see houses and properties submerged in flood and mud. we could see different individuals, living or dead, that had their lives changed within hours of rain and flashflood. Lives were lost, and claimed within a blink of an eye. Lives that were in comfortable stature were forced to go up their roofs due to sudden rise of floodwaters. These, among others, were what we witnessed during the visit of Ondoy in the Philippines during the weekend.

we may ask, Did God really let this happen? We answer, YES. It's God's reminder that in whatever situation, God is trying to tap us, and to open our eyes to the reality that we are not alone in this world, and that there is a deep consequence for our wrongdoings. Take the fact, we owe Mother Nature a lot.

In times like these, everybody is called to be holy, in one way or another. More than prayers, the community is in dire need of our physical resources, and out time and effort. I think this would be the better way to celebrate the Six Years we had in walking in the spirit of the Saints.

With the bayanihan spirit in our veins, I admonish each and everyone within the Confraternity, as a way of thankgiving for the Six Years of Holiness, to get involved, physically and spiritually, in the relief operations for Ondoy Victims.Through this and other programs that the Holy Spirit would inspire us to do, we could really say that Holiness is very possible, in good and bad times. God is with us and never let us down during the good and blessed times; I think it is better for us to extend our hands for the needy in the bad times.

With all my prayers for the Confraternity, I invoke St. Therese and all the Saints for another blessed year ahead of us! Happy Anniversary to one and all!

In Christum,

Fra. John Ezekiel Maria, ccs

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