Friday, August 20, 2010

Ur Sunday Dose: Tuwid na Daan, Makipot na Pintuan

August 22, 2010
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
Feast of the Queenship of Mary

Lk 13,22-30


Nowadays, we usually hear these words, TUWID NA DAAN, MATUWID NA LANDAS. These words are full of hope for us filipinos, because after a decade of graft and corruption, a decade of darkness for our country, heaven shed its light upon our desolate land through the new administration.

We often see in the news the government in action. Tax evasion cases were being filed, social communications were being utilized, and so on. In just a little span of time, we see our officials doing the best they can to fulfill their sworn duty to our country. And for us, we are ore inspired now to work more and dream more for a more prosperous Philippines ahead of us. As we can see it, we are truly walking the right – and straight – path now.

That’s good for our country, for our earthly home. How we wish that we could do the same for our voyage towards our real home up above?

Jesus tells us, Strive to enter through the narrow gate. Narrow here means something that is really small, only a few could pass through. Maswerte na tayo kung tayo ay makakapasok sa makipot na pintuan, dahil hindi naman tayong lahat ay makakapasok sa pintuang ito. Many will strive, yet they are not fit to enter. Many are dreaming to be with God, now and after death, and yet not all will have the grace to be with him.

Let us now connect the tuwid na daan with the makipot na pintuan. All of us are doing good here on Earth. We work for the greater evangelization of all, and yet we do not do it wholeheartedly. If we are like these people, surely, we are like men walking through the tuwid na daan, but would never fit to enter the makipot na pintuan. Got the picture?

Not yet? Let’s put it this way.

There is this churchgoer, a lector, who often boast that he does this and that good deed. He speaks with the tongue of the angels everytime he proclaims God’s Word in Mass, and would want to present to the people that we help a poor beggar in the street. There is also this simple janitor in a school nearby who passes by the church and prays to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament before and after he goes to work. He is really devoted to his work, even goes overtime. His pay is just right for his family’s needs. He really had good intentions while working, offering it for the glory of God and for his sanctification.

They died and reached the Heaven’s portal. St. Peter was waiting for them. He said the verdict: “Lector, purify yourself first in purgatory. As for you, Janitor, you may now freely enter Heaven.” The lector grew mad and asked, “Teka. Bakit siya pa ang mauuna? Di ba dapat ako muna? Lagi naman akong nasa simbahan! Nagpapahayag ako! Bakit siya ang mauunang pumasok?” St. Peter replied, “Anak, alam kong naglilingkod ka sa Misa. Pero tanungin mo ang sarili mo kung tunay nga bang bukal sa loob mo ang paglilingkod. Mas mainam pa kesa sa iyo ang janitor na ito. Kahit na mahirap lang siya at di nakikita ng karamihan, bukal sa puso niya ang ginagawa niya. Nagdarasal at gumagawa para sa lalo niyang ikakabanal at ng mga kasama niya. Siya ang dapat na mauna, hindi ikaw.”

We see, we walk through the straight path, yet because of the intention we have behind our good deed, that’s why only a few can enter through the narrow gate. We should always remember that our work should be coupled with a good intention in doing so. Work and pray a lot for our whole well-being. With this, we can also inspire others to be like us in holiness. Do not forget that not all who say Lord! Lord! will enter Heaven, but those who listen to His Word and do good with a clean intention will do.

Finally, remember Jesus’ words: Some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last. Let us pray for God’s strength and grace that we could walk through the Matuwid na Daan and pass through the Makipot na Pintuan.


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