Monday, October 25, 2010

LIT-tie Monday: For You...

(August 15, 2008)

I wrote this poem for you
Because I always know
You like poems and all the prose...
Especially if it's dedicated to you.

I don't know how I could survive
without you by my side.
I would not pass by an entire day;
I would possibly live on a stride.

I lived all along in the past
Every single day I consider a nightmare
People around me are like ugly monsters
Until and angel came, no other but you.

Time passes by, we get along deeper
Getting to know what we have for each other,
Until the day came, I realized I was alone again
I looked for you you are nowhere to be seen.

I am alone until now, so sad but true
Passing by the days without you beside me...
Life will never be complete again!

Even if I write a million poems, you're still the one
To fill my days with great joy
And my nights with love and anticipation.

BïtZëëlöG_102510 :)


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  2. hahaha...

    anu daw?

    Ikaw talaga, James...