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Ur Sunday Dose: Prayer and Vocations (Special Edition)

Oct. 24, 2010
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(Special Edition for the Vocation Week of the 100% Katolikong Pinoy! Online Ministry)
Sir 35, 12-14; 16-18 || 2Tm 4, 6-8;16-18
Lk 18,9-14


Vocation is a very important gift came from God. Though it comes in different forms, in different circumstances, and to different persons, nevertheless, it has but one goal: Our Sanctification and His glorification.

I've often heard of lots of seminarians and sisters who had their share of how they were called. Some heard it as they were serving in their parish as a lay minister - Altar Server, Choir member, Legionary, or the like. Their service in the community nourished their desire to serve Christ in a deeper way.

While that is the common manner of the Call for some, others hear this "voice from within" on the most extraordinary moments of life. some hear it when they have an encounter with the poor and needy brothers. Others when they feel converted from a dark past. Still others when they have sleepless nights. And others have a jive of these three. They are a proof that you don't really need to be inside a Parish ministry to hear His call.

On all these circumstances, they hear this "voice from within," and realize that they have this special mission to the Church. They can feel certain doubts, but this voice succeeds their fears, until that certain time that they respond to this mysterious voice with a very big YES. Some enter the seminary or the convent. Others find their one true love and get married.

Nevertheless, this call to Vocation overshadows every personal attribute that we have, and I mean everything - our feelings, desires, circumstances, even our problems. When we hear this call, and respond to it with Mary's FIAT, it is as if with God's help, we can outdo everything! And when we hear this call, there is this urge to follow it wherever it may lead us. This is "the road less taken, the narrow door" which only the just and the worthy may take.

And so, we need to nourish this call with Prayer, lots of it. Prayer is one of the keys in a better vocation discernment. We may never know what may be Jesus' plan for each one of us, but there certainly is one. We just need to have an intimate communication with Him, as we always ask for His help in knowing this "great plan," and striving hard to reach it.

Now, as we hear Jesus speak today, we are asked, How do we pray to God? Do we boast like the Pharisee, or ask for His mercy like the Publican? We are all sinners in this world, and yet we strive to follow Christ in any way possible. We need his strength to continue fighting for our sanctification.

It's just that some pray for their discernment in the wrong way, always boasting himself and his achievements. God cannot enter our hearts if it is filled with ourselves. And if that happens, our vocation is not an authentic one, and it may be an abuse of God's will. It may lead to our ill-luck in our spiritual life.

Jesus calls us to be like the publican in praying, and discerning for that "great plan" in our lives. Not thinking of himself, standing at a distance, with eyes down, he prays: "My God! Have mercy! I am a sinner!" Like him, we are likewise called to ask mercy of Jesus. His heart is open to those who would want to confide their lives and everything that comes with it to Him.

And when we are truly rested in Christ's heart, that's the time when Christ communes with us in a deeper manner, and the sacred magic begins. As the Venerable John Paul II says of it:
In the hidden recesses of the human heart the grace of a vocation takes the form of a dialogue. It is a dialogue between Christ and an individual, in which a personal invitation is given. Christ calls the person by name and says: "Come, follow me." This call, this mysterious inner voice of Christ, is heard most clearly in silence and prayer. Its acceptance is an act of faith.
Taking the great pope's words, we can see that Vocation is a two-way communion between Christ and his Confidanté. We talk to Christ and he listens; He speaks and we listen. We can never reach this intimate relationship if we are full of pride. We should always remember that while we work for the Kingdom of God here on earth, we are still his laborers, and we are to listen to his Voice at all times.

Do not be afraid to listen to the signs of the times. Do not be afraid to talk to God of his plan for your life. And if you discover what that plan may be, do not be afraid of following what you feel is God's call. Ask his strength when feeling doubts on your vocation. In other words, do not be afraid to ask and follow Christ in every way. At the end of everything, you will be contented with what you will receive as the fruit of this grace.

Finally. We hear Jesus' call somewhere in the Gospel, "Pray, therefore, to the Lord of the Harvest, that He may send laborers to the Harvest." We continually pray to God in this Sunday Eucharist for our own intentions, but we should also make it a point to add into our prayers that for vocations into the Church. We pray that the youth of today may respond truthfully to Christ's call to be fishers of men. We pray for those who have responded already to this call that they may continue to bear witness to Christ's undying love for us. We pray for each other that we may altogether live in harmony and Christian Unity under the great Sun which never fades... Jesus Christ!



(BitZeke's Note: This is a special post of Ur Sunday Dose, in-line with the celebration of 100% Katolikong Pinoy's Vocation Week which would end on Sunday, Oct. 24.
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