Sunday, October 10, 2010

(Extracted from WedPost, October 13, 2010)

This article came from WedPost, a former segment of this blog which was published every Wednesday which features a compilation of events for the past week. It is about my very first visit to Santo Domingo Church, QC, and my first encounter with Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. This encounter started my love for Nanay, and furthered my growth from a student standing up from ashes to a professional teacher guided by her love and care. This is the start of my love story with Nanay La Naval. (August 30, 2014)

10-10-10 was really a day of union between me and God. The day spent wisely, I took the chance to communicate with God in various ways, and since it was a Sunday, it was really my Church Day...

... it so happened that I took it to a different level.

Last Sunday (Second Sunday of October) was the celebration of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. I knew it for all this time, thanks to my dete who studied in a Dominican School (St. James Academy). I knew that there was this certain honor to the Virgin, under the title La Naval de Manila, but in reality, I don't know where to visit her. For the years that I came to know of her, I prayed that I may visit her, even just once. It never came to happen, until last Sunday.

A new-found friend in Facebook invited me to attend the celebrations. I am not supposed to come to the event for various reasons, and for the fact that I don't know how to go to Sto. Domingo Church. Yet, I answered yes to him, putting my trust to the Virgin that She will guide me as I go to her shrine.

Sunday came, and as the date of the day came to be, Miracle came after miracle. First of them all, God made my schedule more earlier than I did. I was able to attend the Convivence of my community in the morning, attend Mass in our parish in the afternoon, and go to Sto. Domingo in the Evening. When last Saturday, I was in a dilemma on how to fix my schedule for the next day, God has prepared something after all.

Second, When I thought I was lost in Recto, I was not. I was looking for a jeep on the way to the Church. On my first try, they refuse me, since Sto. Domingo was not a part of their route. I am so desperate then when a driver said to me,Boy, mali ang jeep na hinahanapan mo. Dun ka sa kabilang kalye. I did searched for a jeep on the other side of the road, and Deo Gratias! I found one. I keep on texting my friend on my whereabouts, and when I texted him that I am past Kanlaon St., his reply was, "Congrats bro, andyan ka na!"

Third, and the most notable miracle of the day, the thrill and excitement that I felt when I stood in front of her image. Parang... grabe! When I entered the Church, I've gone sight-seeing first, roving around the Carossas of the different saints that were included in the procession. When I arrived at the side door of the Church, I got my first-hand look at the virgin from my position. Filled with awe, all that I was able to say was... "Ma! I'm here na!" All my curiosity of the younger years were wiped out on that moment, when I was able to see her face-to-face. It was a moving moment for me.

As I left her that night, I made a promise to her, that I will make sure that I will visit her on her feast day every year, as long as my physical abilities permit. That moment was really a milestone for me. One of my firsts for my 20th year of life. I continue to thank God and Mary for this point in my life when I was able to visit a childhood mother of my dreams. I keep on praying to her for me and for everyone and everything that is dear to me. I will really never forget this moment in my life.

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