Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Hidden Story: Februrary 21, 2011

I have written my first portfolio roughly six months ago. In it contains all my experiences when I had my field study at Malabon National High  School. While much of it flew away in a nick of time, there are some events which simply cannot be erased from my memory. I can tell that with those events, I had really given myself to teaching a bunch of young minds with one goal: to be something in the future.

When I thought I had left nothing in their minds, I did not know that something is imprinted in their hearts. Despite the bad attitude that some of my studs then had, there are still some pupils who were proved to be thoughtful and caring. One of them proved a bit deeper and showed how he loved everything that I am, and for my part, how he can erase all the tension that I bore after twelve weeks of stressful observation.

This leads my memory back to my last OB day, February 21, 2011. 

I was allowed by my Resource Teacher (Henceforth, RT) to do my own thing as a way of saying goodbye to my students. I had the same rhythm throughout the morning, admonishing the students and crying petty tears in front of them. Like a recorded tape, I said the lines,  I have no other dream than to see you graduate and fulfill all your dreams in life. I have no more wish for these kids than this one. A wish tells everything.

I could clearly remember my last OB at IV-Crimson, the worst section of the morning session then. Weeks ago, I grew mad because of their uncontrollable behavior and wild character. I ended up saying a 'curse:' Sige, sa inyong lahat na proud na proud na hindi gagraduate... magpakasaya kayo ngayon, pero tatandaan ninyo na nasa huli ang pagsisisi!

But on that day, nothing reigned in my heart more than hope for these students. My line went like this, Alam ninyo, Crimson, proud pa rin ako sa inyo, kasi kahit na ganyan ang ugali ninyo, I can still see signs na may aangat mula sa inyo. Just strive for the best!

But the hidden story isn't there. 

After my session with Crimson, I still felt much stress, thinking of the past encounters with these bunch, along with other problems which, I admit, constitute a cloud of blindness over my whole system. Though I knew I was about to proceed to the next section, I just felt aloft, like walking in a cloud.

That was until a student came waiting for me by the door and gave me a comforting hug, which came with the words, Thank you po, sir. After that gesture, everything - just everything - was washed away. I felt consoled enough; I thought I would always be remembered. With that simple embrace, every negative jive were erased; what's remained were the thoughts of joy and remembrance.

The hug came from one of the boys. I cannot remember who he was, nor why did he do it; I was really puzzled at that point. That was, until one time I had a chat with one of my studs in FB. He confirmed that he was the one who gave me a reason to finish my OB job  in a light tune. At first, he did not also know why did he gave me a hug. That, he said, was an instinct. That was his way of showing love for me who had bore everything and still made the most of it.


I did not have much communication with Erwin after the incident. I became busy with  the Summer classes, while he continued with his vacation as a fresh HS grad. Nevertheless, the imprint that the hug left in my personality was still intact; I just can't forget the thought of having hugged me for a job well done. I did not expect it to happen, but it did and  it gave me a reason to tell that my OB was not a failure after all.

After some time, he visited me at my pub for Bitz...DaBhezt!  Despite the tremendous rain which poured over this side of the metro on that day, he still managed to be visitor number 01. This guy who showed his support and love was there among the shortlist of students who made me happy on that day. While majority of his batchmates were at their classmate's birthday celebration, he was the only one from Crimson who gave importance to the day when I became me.

I appreciated the company he extended to me during the whole day, never leaving me alone throughout the whole celebration, except when he was mingling with my lady visitors...something which is natural of him. When it was his turn to speak during the 21 candles, he said, sensya na sir, wala akong gift. Pero salamat po dahil  tinuruan ninyo kami at naging mabuti kayong intern sa amin, at sa akin.

Why have  I written this post?

I write this because of him; I write this post in memory of something good which a student did for his (observer) teacher.  I could still see lots and lots of Erwin Lazaros in the future, but they may never do what this great student did for me to ease everything and move on with a smile on my lips. Students like him serve enough as my inspiration in doing what  I was called for, that is to become a teacher, because I know that somebody appreciates what I am doing.

Salamat, Erwin! Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan kailanman ang inyong ginawa para sa akin. Hindi ko man direktang masabing mahal kita (dahil iskandalo ang katumbas niyan), aba, eh alam mo na iyan! 

Salamat, anak!!!

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