Thursday, September 01, 2011


Yes, It is officially September! And with its first day sweeping through the air in the islands, do not be surprised when somebody taps you in the shoulder and greets you, dre, Merry Christmas! Folks say that in our country, Christmas begins, not in the season of Advent, but even before it just when the months start ending in BER.

And so, September is here; we are now experiencing a different kind of magic... I call it The Magic of Pinoy Christmas. I don't simply know what kind of magic the provident Earth is sweeping through the metropolis that when the calendar turns its pages on the first day of the ninth month, the Filipino people go loco over Pasko!

Some folks prepare at this early their Christmas list, so they may budget the money in the pocket for the purpose. You can also sense the awesome smell that comes from the stall of Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. Carolling Practices may also start at this point of the year. In short... the look and feel around us may really tell that the Christmas season has indeed arrived!

When I was a kid, I used to write a countdown of days in my school handbook, and play Christmas tunes at this early (with the neighbors calling me lunatic for doing such.), but that was a thing of the past. Though kids undergo the same process every time, we adults can still return to our old ways and look back at our times when we also become crazy that Christmas is near-arriving. Thus, this blogpost.

It brings a never-failing hope for everyone that something good is still yet to come. After a series of negative things that may take us to our bare selves, there still comes this time of the year when the feeling in the air gives us a reason to anticipate. Those who lived in despair throughout the year can look at the calendar or at the window and realize, haay... Iba pa rin pala ang pakiramdam.

Well, this magic is very much different in reasons than one. And we can't really help but tell... PASKO NA TALAGA!!! 

... just don't forget that in reality, Christmas comes after the four weeks of Advent.

Ano'ng petsa na nga ba?

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