Monday, April 11, 2011

TV Madness...

Ok, I hope I won't be sued for this...

Weeks ago, a good TV show host made a boy dance a la Macho Dancer in front of national television. The boy was 'crying' while he was doing this, while the rest of the audience are laughing and applauding what he is doing. At the end of the feat, he was given Php10,000 for such a 'marvelous' dance presentation.

After this airing, the news spread like wildfire: The host 'abused' the boy's rights in National TV. Government agencies never lost their eye on the matter, from the DSWD, to the MTRCB. (Lately, even KBP is looking on the issue!) Hearings were held; accusations were raised regarding the credibility of some members of the Board in MTRCB. Even the Palace was hooked up to this mess!

Weeks later, Advertisers pulled-out their products from the show. Recently, the TV network banned or suspended (did I use the right term?) the airing of the said show for two weeks, before which the host made mention of various respected (Oh yes, RESPECTED... even before he was) names in the Showbiz industry for tweeting mad thoughts on him and the show. He even accused them of betraying the trust of the people, instead of supporting him who was aggravated with all these.

I am observing all the events, and using the eye of a 20-year old Education Student who is more focused on books and lesson plans rather than TV shows (except the News programs which I need for info input. I need it for LET.), my reaction to all these is: What the heck is these!?!

Come, on, people. Not everyone is interested in knowing the proceedings regarding a show which we don't even watch. I remember certain personalities claiming that they don't even the the leisure - and pleasure - of watching such show. A simple dance exhibition turned out to be a massive media blow-up! Look how powerful the fourth estate is.

Yes, we may say that programs such as these are of big help to people, because of the big amount of money and goods which it gives out to them. But let's face it. There are two sides of a coin. While some are enjoying watching the show, others still like the same routine of watching the day's events on the time slot alloted for it. Others have no time of watching at all; instead they go overtime at work, or with barkadas on their gimmicks. Not all can appreciate the appeal which a particular beat could give.

What makes this topic interesting is the big boom-up that it is taking in our media, especially in TV. News here and there about a hearing of this and the view of that. When I watch it or hear something of it, I could help but laugh while saying, Ano na namang pakulo yan? Paputok? Kwitis ba?

At the end of the day, I ask myself (may it mirror yours): Who will benefit from all these? What is the intention behind everything? And will the Filipino people - all of us and not only some - get something out of this? Am I interested in the first place?

Again, I am not fighting for whatever side of the issue; I'm not supporting anybody but my own thoughts. I am practicing my just right of expression and I hope nobody would get hurt out of these petty ideas. My point which I hope I made clear is: Come on! I'm not interested, so please lessen the boom-up!

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  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    i think that that is all for publicity. this is not the first time na may ganitong big boom up. its because madaming pera ang involved if you know what i mean.