Monday, August 01, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Bitz, the KP Admin

I came to know of 100% Katolikong Pinoy Online Ministry since my FS days. Since I became a member of the virtual group, my life changed for the better, and for the worst.

BETTER. When I started writing here for 100% KP, I was received warmly its members. I remember, it was about the Vocation Week. Though Ur Sunday Dose was also posted at the KP page so as to attract readers, I was more renowned for the post on Vocations which is part of the WedPost series. I was also asked to prepare a special dose for the First Sunday of Advent last year, which is the key to the creation of urdose@blogspot. 

In January 2011, I was enumerated among the CORE members of KP. I came to know them last February when a meet-up was held at a mall here in Manila. They were also the secondary reason why I attended the two major Pro-life rallies in the Metro at the first quarter of 2011. I have found them as good companions and real life defenders. There is no doubt: I am safe with this group.

Eventually, I was also numbered among the ADMINISTRATORS who watch after the moves of the 116,000+ members of the Online Ministry page. It is truly a hard task, because of the many haters and some members who pretend to be good when they are really bad in posting comments. But thanks God, I survived, and now I'm handling the admin job for merely three months.

WORST. The tide turned in mid-June, when because of some reason I posted a note of concern in the KP CORE page. I was looked upside down then. Some are still there to understand, but a good few don't care at all. Good thing is, because of my note, the group started rolling the ball.

Eventually, I am forgotten. Though I continue posting links to UR DOSE, my function ends there already. In the other aspects, I know that they have more power to decide or work on something because they know more of themselves rather than I am.

At the end of the day, though I was much affected, I decided to move on with the REAL THING. The virtuality of things turned out to be not the right thing for me. I must face the reality. I must work in the real world, and not in a network of cables.

It is in the physical community where the Lord is calling me. Though Ur Dose, which is another ministry of mine, is getting good in the web, still I must focus in my old Parish work. Two good resources for a better service to the Church.

Still, whether I'm a part of a virtual group or not, whether I am in the web or in a physical area, I am proud to shout: KATOLIKO AKO! PILIPINO AKO! Meron ba sila nyan?

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