Monday, August 08, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Estu rin naman si SB eh!

Two years of ho-hums, one year of falling down, another of standing up, and one year of finishing the fight. Total of five years. 

This may tell how adventurous and colorful my college life is. Twisted fate and a bunch of experiences had  made it more exciting, gruesome and fulfilling at the same time. As I said last BE, College life had been the fulfillment of everything I longed for in studying, and everything I had not encountered in High School, College had given me. 

College opened to me the gates of showing-off! I did not host any event until when I entered College. Though I had my first hosting job when I was in Fourth Year (last year), I took the chance and gave the best only to amuse and lead through the program at the same time. I am remembered for the moving on shout (with matching hand wave), for Maria Vitoyari (I think I am most remembered for this), and for a night of Music (attended by only a handful of audience). 

Now, as the College of Education holds Educ Week again (at the Malabon Amphitheater), I am called to host the same events as last year, especially the Mr. and Ms. Education where, thank God, I would come off the stage as Bitoy and not as Maria Vitoyari. I am looking forward to giving once again DaBhezt of what I can give for everyone who may watch us.

College gave me the pen and made me write. I would always say that I am a proud member of CMU's student media, The Current. I hold no editorial position; I am just a plain opinion writer. But the support I received from my colleagues, especially from Bossing Jay-y Banua (The EIC) was overwhelming. I may dare speak of this, I love writing, and College had made me love it even more! 

I had cited this in the past post, I may write my first opinion along with the first issue of the Current this coming September. I am more excited to show-off my writing prowess and prove to the campus mob that even students like us have DaBhezt of everything.

MOST CERTAINLY, College led me to love the field. From just a plain course, I may now define BSE as a passion, and teaching as something taken with great care and love. I don't have any possible idea that I'm going to face this fate, not even after High School. But indeed, the course led me to much realizations, especially the impelling truth that before I may be a teacher, I must be a student first. Before I dare take the professional way, I must first learn the example of the professionals. 

The experience of my third year of study made me strong enough to stand up, continue the fight, and finish it to the last drop. Now, I don't falling down, for I know that if I had already took the worst before and converted it to DaBhezt, I certainly can do it again. I may face the worst of my dreams when it comes to becoming a teacher, but I know I can, and I will.

I love what college life had offered, and is currently offering me. On the way to professionalism, the five years of tertiary education made me strong and good-willed enough to face the coming challenges. I can't lie, this is the prime of my life as a student. 

Kudos for College Life! This is DaBhezt!

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