Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mahal na Patrong Santa Cruz ng Tanza
Just finished a day with the folks from Sta. Cruz Parish Pastoral Council. We spent a day (well, it is ACTUALLY TWO DAYS since we started yesterday) looking over the real thing, evaluating it and planning events and programs for the future welfare of the parish community. Of course, due to much confidentiality, I would not dwell much into the details of the said endeavors of the parish in the next few weeks. If you are a fellow parishioner in Tanza, then watch out for our activities.

I would like to put this post's limelight over this song which took our souls into the Divine contact with the Triune God. We ended the planning session with this song, and I would like to confess that I had much goosebumps during the playing of the song. It was as if there is something different in the ambiance. It was as if GOD IS THERE.

God is indeed there; He is indeed with us everyday. We may not know it... but we just need to communicate from inside us...

May this prayer bring serenity and peace among you. A blessed day, pipz! ^^

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