Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Man, therefore a Christian

Yesterday marked my 21st year as a Christian. Grace after grace poured in despite the trials that I had undergone. I continuously thank the Lord for letting me persevere in the faith!

This is just a quick post. Let me share 21 facts on my  21 years as a Catholic.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #1: Karamihan sa mga estudyante ko ay INC. May mga kaklase akong BAC. Napapaligiran ako ng mga kaibigang hindi ayon sa aking pananampalataya.
And still, I can socialize. Pero hanggang doon lang, kasi when it comes to my faith I go and stand by mine.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #2: Upon entering the CCS in 2006, the first thing I received is the Relic of Christ's Cross. In 2008, I received my present status: LAY BROTHER.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #3: Naranasan ko ring mag-mimicry ng isang Misa. Ako yung 'pari', may skyflakes at coke at Voila! May one-man Mass ka na!
One of those childhood ways which led me to the real appreciation of the Liturgy.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #4: Kung iniisip ninyo na isa lang ako sa mga nakigulo sa LN ngayong taon, you knew it wrong. I came to know of 'Nanay' (as I call her) through my sister who studied in a Dominican School.
The year? Amm... 199_.. Ganoong katagal ko na siyang kilala, only to meet her some ten or eleven years later, in 2010.
BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #5: Marami na akong naging anak. Pero naunahan sila ng aking 'Anak,' na isang Altar Server. Siya ang naging pinakamalapit sa akin noong panahong Altar Server pa ako.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #6: I fell in love with Nanay three times. First was under her title, Immaculate Conception (I studied in a Catholic School under the same title)

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #7: I fell in love with Nanay three times. Second was under the title, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, thanks to a glow-in-the-dark image which my kuya gave me from Taiwan. My religious name reads, JOHN EZEKIEL MARIA OF THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL AND OF THE CROSS..

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #8: I fell in love with Nanay three times. Third was with Our Lady of the Rosary. Aside from LN, the secondary patroness of the Parish of Sta. Cruz in Tanza is Our Lady of the Rosary.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #9: Sa kamatayan ko, nais ko ay may puno sa paligid ng puntod ko... kung di ako titipirin at kung di apartment-type ang magiging tahanan ko. I also want Christian songs to be sung during the journey there.
Bakit nga ba puno? Ito nga ang magsisilbing tanda sa legacy na posibleng iwan ko sa inyo. TUMAYO SA KABILA NG PAGSUBOK. TUMAYO KASI KASAMA KO SI LORD AT SI NANAY.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #10: Feb. 01, 2004 when I entered the SCP-MAS. Since then, I was never taken out of the Holy limelight. If ever I still remained a server until today, I would be in the ministry for eight years. (Minus three...)

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #11: I attended masses during childhood - alone - in my Mother Parish. Something which I persevered in doing until now. Mas matindi pa nga ngayon. I go as far as Sto. Domingo!

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #12: Mahina ako sa Math, pero in High School, I had better grades in two subjects, English and Religion.I took English as my major subject, while making myself involved in much parish work. Studies never wasted.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #13: Ur Dose. Hindi naman talaga siya bahagi ng plano, eh. Marami na akong natanggap na batikos dahil sa blogsite na ito. Pero tinatanong ko, bakit hanggang ngayon, isang taon ko na itong ministeryo, at di ako nagsasawa sa pagsulat ng mga pagninilay. Is this my calling, indeed?
This leads me to my blog-child. I began it in 2006 because of my love for recording significant events in my life. It was also during those years when I saw my first written Gospel Reflection. Very far from today's Ur Dose.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #14: I was born on the 19th of August. As Mico and I analyzed it, there was much of Mary on that day. Mary appeared at Fatima on that day in 1917, and in Lipa in 1945.

: I entered the Parish Pastoral Council in 2009. Outside the PYM and MAS, I was counted as the youngest member of the Council. I was appointed as secretary of the Worship Ministry, now Commission on Worship and Liturgy.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #16: KP had contributed much to my personality today. ... Warfreak type. Paano ba naman hindi? I must stand for what is right, as Divine Providence gives us.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #17: Novena to the Souls in Purgatory. This is the Novena which I do not forget to recite year after year. Pero if they are satisfied? With deep faith, yes. Second to that is the Novena to the Holy Coss.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #18: I can always remember the day I was confirmed.. The prelate: Bishop Teodoro Bacani.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #19: Ave Maria! (Ina ng Diyos, Ina ng Pilipino)is the first page I created in Facebook. With 570+ likes, that counts for a good page. Salamat Maria!

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #20: Masaya ang ika-21st Birthday ko as a Christian. Spent it with Mary (Living Rosary sa Parokya). I am reminded of the first time I stepped into our parish door, that was during one day of May. Hearing a mystical voice from somewhere which took my curiosity. The event: Flores de Mayo.

BiTZ THE CHIRSTIAN TRIVIA #21: How do I welcome a new day? Let's sing... SALVE REGINA! This is the first Latin hymn which I have learned, memorized and took into heart.

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