Saturday, January 07, 2012

THE SUNSET (re-posted)

Tanza Skyline during sunset, December 31, 2011
(Dec. 31, 2010)

I stand beyond the verges of time,
Time coming in and going out.
Another year's passing, it is running till the end;
And a new one is coming, it is fast approaching.

And here I am, after the tedious work
Just looking at the sunset, nothing less and nothing more.
My heart is full of emotions, but yet
I have nothing more to do but to watch the sun set.

Maybe I'm feeling through with everything I'd experienced,
With everything that the past year made me relish.
Perhaps, this is my way of ending my year
A year full of colors and everything else.

My Jesus! You are truly great.
You made me end a year in your grace.
I entrust the past year to you.
With it, I give up everything I've undergone.

The joys I'd savored till the last drop.
The sorrows that made me shed a tear or two.
The trials that made me almost give up,
Which proved to me that there is a loving God like you. 

The first-time experiences which made me a new person;
The people I met and became a part of me.
My frail being, wounded and battered,
All these, I entrust to your Divine Will.
All these, I leave to you, like the sunset.

My Jesus, I pray
May the New Year be kind to me.
May I cherish all the experiences
That this year has in store for me.

I pray as well to you
Continue to guide me throughout the coming days.
May I work and act for your greater glory,
Through that may I prove to the world that this is my year.

Yes, this is my year.
I am leaving everything with the sunset.
Knowing that as the sun rises to a brand new year,
I can prove to the world something which is from my heart...

This is the year of many doors,
This is the year of many opportunities.
I open one door and leave the world of insecurity
I enter through another portal of myself and become happy.

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  1. This is actually a repost of the poem I wrote last New Year's Eve 2011. I adapted it to my tag this year. Hope it still fits...