Monday, December 27, 2010

2010: The Great Fall


This is one of the highlight posts of the series, since this one talks of the failure that made my year the most devastating one, affecting the various events that had happened in the following months.

I remember the beginning of this fall. It was in March 19. My mommy is thinking then that my classes are over already. I can move on with my life then. I was planning to leave the city for my mom's province then, and live there.

That's my plan, but God has another plan, way painful yet awakening.

My classmate arrived at an uninvited time, and the secret was revealed, putting me in the hot seat for the coming weeks, and remorse and a curse for the coming months.

And what was that secret?

I was not already attending school since February. I was always leaving for school, but instead of really going there, I go somewhere else. I am enjoying what I was doing then, yet when the semester is nearing its end, I felt fear that my mommy would know my secret all along.

And she did.

With that began a painful series of events that made my summer. I was informed that I would not be able anymore to study at CMU because (I will never be afraid to tell you this) I have gained a grade of 5.00 in six subjects (in our school, three failing marks are equal to being kicked-out).

I will tell you that I almost committed suicide for that moment in my life. I was about to leave the house in guilt, and forget everything else.

But God is so good to me! In the nick of time, He came to my need. I was given a chance to continue studying, provided that I will study hard, get rid of failing marks, and study again my failing subjects.

Exactly what I am doing right now.

Though I am still facing the consequences of my wrong deeds, I know that God is still leading and paving the way for me. Thank God for the grace that I may study again. I continue praying that God may still be there for me, as always, especially in studies. I know, He will never let me fall again.

I will leave this year and the curse that comes with it. I hope that truly, 2011 will be for me a year of innumerable blessings. Blessings that I would cherish for the coming days and months.

BïTZëëlöG_122710 :)

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