Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010: ZEKE XX (The 200th Post)


Who would have thought that the monumental 200th post of this site would still tackle about the best 20 years in my life?

Yes! It is true. After five years and 200 posts, this site is still kicking, thanks to the inspiration of the people and things that kick me around.

Well, this 200th post is about my birthday last A-19. It has its tagname: ZEKE XX, 20 YEARS OF BEING SOMEBODY FOR EVERYBODY. The turn of the decade has been a drastic year for me. If yesterday, I talked about the dark side of my life for 2010 (which is just a headstart of it), today I would like to share with you one of the most enjoying days which passed by this day... the day when I turned 20.

This day in my life was spent wisely: Home-Church-friends-School. A good jive gives me a fabulous A-19 for this year. Though it is not as garb as my other birthdays, still this day is remembered as the day in which I began the turn in my life from a servant to an educator.

This day has its very special realization: I have a very enlightening and vast future ahead of me, that I must not curb to the problems of the past.

Though the first month of my 20th year is very much of a transition stage, I was still able to cope up with the various initial problems that I'd undergone, one of which is the Education Week.

I saw myself as a schoolguy for this year. And evident as it is, the first four months of my 20th year was spent almost entirely in schooling. I have faith in my heart that I could persevere in my schooling, that I can stand up from my fall. I know that I could graduate.

But for now, I must put aside those things which has nothing to do with formal education. Mga panggulo lang sila sa buhay ko. Mga walang saysay na bagay na nagpapadagdag sa gulong nararamdaman ko sa kalooban ko. Tama. Mga walang kwenta. Mga pandagdag sa gulo.

2011 is a year of hopes for me. Though I'm bringing with me some pieces of the dark history, I know that I can start this coming year with a smile in my face and hope in my heart that I can continue straightening things. And I know if I can straighten things up, I can certainly pass through this year bloody, yet smiling. I know, God is there for me.

Finally, let me share with you what has been my THREE WISHES for this year...

I wish good life and blessings to everyone who became a part of my life for the past year, good or bad. This is for all, be they my family and friends, enemies and acquaintances.

I wish for more strength from up above, for me to get over with the temptations of my age.

I wish, not only for discernment, but also the grace and mercy necessary for me to overcome every test and trial on the coming year, and to overcome all with smile on my lips.

BïTZëëlöG_122110 :)

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