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...Post No. 15...Dec. 15, 2010...
(Is this a coincidence? 15th Post on the 15th of December... wow...)


The only real blind person at Christmas-time is he who does not have Christmas in his heart.
- Helen Keller


~Simbang Gabi Madness!
~Update on the new face of the same blogsite
~PlayProd Report No. 05


Just when I thought that my friends and not-so friends of ICPS batch 2006 doesn't miss me very much, wait till you see this.
Ahh, yah. You're seeing one of my pictures as the group picture of our Batch Page in Facebook. If I'm not mistaken, it is taken from the night-out with the Candidates of Mr. and Ms. Education 2010. I almost killed myself laughing upon seeing this. I reacted in the page, ...sandali nga... BAKIT PICTURE KO ANG ANDITO? MGA ADIK KAYO!!!

I received comments from this post, but I don't know if it's sincere or what. But if I sum it all, this would be the reason why. I'm the Tag, the Trademark of the batch. It would be as wacky as it could be without my presence.

My reaction: Ganun? Well... salamat! After 10 years of suffering a big deal from these guys, the thought that they still remember me, that makes a difference. Everything bad is wiped away.

That makes me realize further na I and my batch are inseperable. Though time made us apart, especially me because of everything I'd experienced with them, still, Divine Providence makes us come together and celebrate the wackiness and friendship that was ICPS batch 2006.

... I miss my batchmates for that. :(



I did this last year, and in the other years... still I am worried if I can do it.

If you are asking what it is, then I'm talking about the tradition of SIMBANG GABI which would start tonight (for office workers), though tradition call it to start tomorrow in the early morning. This would be my ninth year doing the sacrifice before Christmas.

Ninth, alright, but last year was a first for me. For one, that was the first time I attended the Dawn Masses, straight and uninterrupted (I used to attend the night ones; I served only once in the dawn Masses)!

Aside from that, I had a job for nine days, as the Master Tagabulahaw of the Parish every morning. That means, I always tune the morning up for the occassion, and that lasted for nine days.

After everything I've undergone and experienced this year, and no matter where I run or hide from an obligation, something calls deep within me to continue being the Tagabulahaw even just for this year. I can't say no, especially to the Lord. I did it last year for Him, and I should likewise do it this year.

And so, I'm doing my penitensya, Christmas edition, starting tonight. I'm praying that I may persevere in doing this. At the end, all these things are alloted for his greater glory and for the enjoyment of the kaparokyas.

Finally. If you are to ask me what would be my wish for Christmas and New Year, well...




Everything's still on progress. As of the moment, I've asked our friends at 100% Katolikong Pinoy to help me promote one of my new segments BiTZ of Advice. Though so far, no messages enter in my inbox, I'm still waiting for one letter to come in.

I've decided that I would replace Twenty Questions with the Novel Series, Ako si Karlie. I began writing this last Monday, and next year, it would occupy the thursday slot of the site.

The backgrounder of the page, as well as other pictures are also underway. Though it may look simple, nevertheless, it is a reflection of the new site. Marami pangt pagdadaanan.

Nevertheless, there is still something to watch out for in the new site. As said in the picture beside this post,




For this week, we are to practice our script, though without the acting. We're starting-off, and it's still a hard way to go.

Practice begins on Dec. 27 at my pub. Well, hoping that something good come out of it. Continue praying for us.


(Greetings and Announcements...)

~ And so, Simbang Gabi starts tonight, or tomorrow dawn. Do some sacrifice, guys! Minsanan lang ang Pasko, samantalahin na natin ang chance...

~ Also, the Episcopal Commission on the Youth of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines has declared Dec. 16 2010-2011 as the Year of the Youth. Kabataang Kristiyano, taon natin ito! A post dedicated to this will be out sometime this weekend.

~ The City of Malabon University - Supreme Student Council is going to hold the University Christmas Party, Christmas Rock Ignition - a Rock Concert for a Cause, this Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010, from 7:00 PM up until the morning of Dec. 20. Tickets are sold at Php30.00 for CMU Studs, and Php50.00 for Outsiders. You can buy the tickets at the CMU hallway.

~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to the following guys:
Dec. 17: Jayvee Limbengco
Dec. 18: Mary Joy Urbano
Dec. 19: Ira Mae Cruz-Celis
Dec. 20: Kristelle Maquimot, James Ian Ramos, Maximillian Evardoni, Sarah Bustamante
Dec. 21: Hazel Marie Quinto
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

Thanks for your continued patronage to all my blogposts here in May God continue to bless you and your day!


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