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Being defeated is only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.
- Marilyn Vos Savant
Okie, what's cooking now?
~When I entered their classroom...
~Sunday's Lessons
~Update on the new face of the same blogsite
~PlayProd Report No. 04


...And so, I believe that experience is still the best teacher. Don't count on what you learn inside your comfort zone; it is still important that you have fresh experiences when it comes to teaching students.

Last week, we began our field work. We were sent to different high schools in Malabon City to observe how the teaching and learning process is done inside a classroom. As Dr. Rosa Centeno of Malabon National High School told us, we must have the guts to discipline the students of today, and so to get their attention and maintain classroom order.

Baka tinatanong ninyo ako... ano'ng nangyari sa first day ko sa school?

I am assigned to an English Master Teacher, Mrs. Dolly Limpoco. With that, I am to observe her fourth year students in MNHS. She teaches five friendly, yet nerve-wracking sections with 70+ voices echoing throughout the four sides of the room. She's handling four regular sections and a section under the Special Program for the Arts.

My first day, which was last Thursday, was a "day of baptism" for me. It so happened that Ma'am was not around, so the chance - and the curse - was passed on to me. Because the schedule was given to me late for the first section, I am to handle the next four sections on my list. MY GOD!!! I was warmly welcomed by the various voices, faces and attitudes of my students. From the most behave to the most awful.

At the end of the shift, I don't know what I was feeling... well, my head was aching. Blame it on the 70+ voices that is echoing, like there's no tomorrow in having a chat with a classmate.

I admit, I am a newbie in classroom management, but this is just the start. I hope that the following weeks may be a real learning experience for me, for my fellow student-observers, and for the students under our care...

Up until now, my head is still aching. ;p


  • Don't go with somebody you do not know.
  • Don't commit any bad act with somebody you don't know.
  • Or better yet, go to church and worship God instead of flirting somewhere and killing your soul.
...Don't ask me why, I don't want to remember it.



After last week's WedPost, I began the total destruction of the old face of my site. As you can see now, everything is black. Maybe I can start here. I'm also seeking help from my friends who are good in making webpages so that the projected face of the site may be realized.

Yesterday, you've read the special reflection on today's Solemnity of Mary's Immaculate Conception. It will form part of a new segment, entitled Ur Special Dose. It is a special edition of Ur Sunday Dose, and it is meant for feasts and solemnities. Though I was not in the mood yesterday, still God gave me the strength and will to render the first USpecD for all.

We're 3 weeks away from the site's new face. I'd inform you of the latest developments on this section of our WedPost.


PlayProd Report No. 04

The script is 100% finished. Now, it's all up to Direk Adrian and Ma'am Lia to edit and polish the whole of the script.

For today, we are to discuss the main concept of the script and on how shall we finance the production. Well, this is the start of the busy hand of PlayProd.

Continue praying for me and for the whole class. Hope to see you all in March 2011 when we present our production.


(Greetings and Announcements...)

~ As I reiterated yesterday, today, December 08, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, is a Holy Day of Obligation in the Philippines. Go to church, guys!

~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to the following guys:
Dec. 08: Rafie Ramos, Mark Anthony Sadsad, Hendrick Oliveros, Rev. Fr. Mario Cueto, Nicko Salazar, Mrs. Chinky Yabut-Barrientos
Dec. 09: James Patrick Dantes
Dec. 10: Most Rev. Deogracias Iñiguez, Jr., DD, Alford Siguancia, Jhiriz Caunca, Kim Cindy Nablo
Dec. 11: Maricris Derecho
Dec. 12: Jeric John Laceda, Jhenny Valenzuela, Michael Peter Sanchez
Dec. 13: Francis Raymund Gonzales
Dec. 14: Alma Panganiban
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

~ Thanks for your continued patronage to all my blogposts here in May God continue to bless you and your day!

BïTZëëlöG_120810 :)

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