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WedPost: Second Sem, here we come!!!

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"Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering - an image of death."
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~Second Sem, here we come!!!
~O Tannenbaum...
~My Dete's going on...


After two weeks of reflection and recreation, here comes the semester that would determine it all. I have never been a secretive guy with you regarding this issue in my studies. And now I tell you this, kinakabahan na ako... kinakalabatutan.

For this semester, I would again take the same set of subjects that I took when I twisted up my studies last year. I'm back to third year.

At one point, it takes me to the point of excitement, since I would meet a new set of people whom I will consider as classmates. I have carefully been close with them on the past sem, and now, it is time to be with them for five months. I have past experiences with some of them, and they proved to me that they were a safe class. It's just that, since I came from a older level, I am to give out everything as expected of me.

Another point leads me to fear of my standing. Since I'm under a memo of agreement with the school, I only have one grade of 5.00 to determine if it is all over. It gives me fright, that though I could continue studying in another school if matters remain worse, the shadow of remorse would continue to follow me all along.

At the endpoint of this, I entrust my second sem to the Lord. When people ask me if I can graduate, or if I can pass the next sem, I always say, God-willing. As I've said in my former WedPost, I know he guided me throughout the past sem, and I know that He will continue to guide me on the next one, the "TRIAL SEM..."

I continue to ask for your prayers, people. May I walk in the straight path this time, give it all for my future, and be triumphant at the end.

My Jesus, Your Will be done!



My Status message yesterday at FB: ‎... and so, all things lead now to Christmas. Teka, won't we first celebrate the Kingship of Christ?

Yep! For Filipinos, after the observance of All Saints' day and All Souls' day, things lead to December, where the most joyful celebration of Christmas is celebrated. People begin to list their shopping lists, to browse through stores looking for gifts, and work hard for that bonus pay. At homes, families begin to set-up Christmas trees, lights and decorations.

As for us, we began setting-up our Christmas Tree and Lights yesterday. I was very exci
ted on this that I even said, Naku naman! Hindi pa pinalipas ang araw ng mga patay, nag-ayos na ng Christmas Tree!

Nevertheless, it is our way of expressing the joy and anticipation for one of the great feasts of the year. I saw my nephews playing with the decors, dancing to the tune of Christmas Carols, and with that, I felt again that feeling when I was young, when I ask my mommy, Ma, kelan tayo mag-aayos ng Christmas Tree? Kelan?

Reality of this? We may grow old, but still when we talk about Christmas, the childish magic rekindles deep inside us.

And so, the tree will stand there up until next year. I hope that I would continue to live until that day when we would dismantle the tree, and up until next November when will set it up again!



Well, this is just a short note. For those who would want to hear a piece of news about my sister, Lulu, here is some.

Come Nov. 10, she will depart for her new job, as a singer in a cruiseline. As far as I know, the said cruise would travel around the world, and would take her to many places. She would not be around for 6 months, up until May 2011.

Please pray for her safe travel come the appointed time. To my dete, enjoy the cruise and Bon voyage!


(Greetings and Announcements)

~ Enrollment at the City of Malabon University for the Second Sem, AY 2010-2011. It continues up until next week. My friends at Fourth year, your enrollment is on Nov. 05. For my fellow irregular students, our enrollment is from Nov. 08-12. Classes start on Nov. 08.

~ THREECE FAMILIA'S GEB. According to the GM that I've received, the next GEB of the Fam will be on Nov. 07, at my place in Navotas City. Call time is from 3:00-4:30 PM At Malabon Citisquare. Don't forget to bring your Php200.00 for the T-shirt.

~ Happy Birthday this week to:
Nov. 03: Ysmack Fornelos (Mr. Education 2010), Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto, Mark Gilvy Caraang, Jimmy Romero
Nov. 04: Camille Lopez, Mira Advincula
Nov. 06: John Kevin Batanes, Fr. Jboy Gonzales,SJ
Nov.08: Alvin Limosnero, Rev. Fr. Ildefonso
"Junjun" de Guzman, Jr.
Nov. 09: Mitzt Rani Relucio, Karizza Cruz
May God continue to bless you, your families, and all your dreams and aspirations in life!

~ Kudos to you, my dear reader! May God bless you and your plans in life. Thank you for patronizing my blogposts here on JEM@ Blogger, One with You...

BïTZëëlöG_102710 :)

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